Hello! everyone please note this we are only services https://inr2usdexchange.com/ & whatsapp, no other website or skype. please note it Request Order while operator is online, If you did order while offline you will be created when operator is online


1. Do i need to register on your website before placing order ?

Yes, registration is mandatory before placing order. You can register manually by clicking on "Sign Up" button displaying at top centre section on our website.


Do this website support automatic exchange of currencies?

No, All exchange operations are executed manually by site administrator.


How to place order on your website?

Click on dropdown menu select exchange and choose your currencies after this done your payment to our account and then submit your payment proof. get you your money in your account that's it.

How to request INR TO USD exchange and upload the payment proof screenshot

How to request your exchange just three simple steps 1.BUY PERFECT MONEY/PAYEER USD 2.SELL PERFECT MONEY/PAYEER USD 3.BUY&SELL BITCOIN 4.DEPOSIT/WITHDRAWAL IN BINARY.COM 5.MORE... Link🔗-https://www.inr2usdexchange.com/


After placing order at inr2usd website, how much time will you take to process order successfully ?

Your order will get executed by us within 12 Hours after receiving payment from you. Generally it takes much faster within 1-4 hours.


Why my exchange order is cancelled or denied?

There may be several reasons for your orderdenial/cancellation:

1. If your payment is not received within 24 hours of placing order on our website, you order will get cancelled automatically.

2. You have entered wrong transaction details i.e transaction number/batch number is wrong and no payment received from your side to our specified account.

3. Due to Technical Error at our website.

For more information directly email us at inr2usdexchange@gmail.com

Direct Chat via WhattsApp: +917010261009


Your website is having an error ?

Please feel free to contact us anytime or mail us at inr2usdexchange@gmail.com


How can i write testimonial about your service ?

You can simply write your Experience about our website